Quick Preview of My Weekend

At this point, I don’t think any weekend anytime soon can beat last weekend. Even though it was a short trip to NYC, I still can’t stop thinking about it. I just love being surrounded by fun travelers around the world who really were true nomads that appreciate discovering new things. I have been bitten by the travel bug and can’t wait to get out there. Soon.. Hopefully soon!

For now.. I’ve been super busy this week with lots of events and shenanigans. I’ve just been working and keeping myself busy so I’m really looking forward to this weekend! I’m off to Mashable Social Media Day event on Saturday, dinner with friends and a couple of girls’ night out but otherwise I’m planning to relax, make myself over to the SoWa again and just soak up the sun. Of course, I’ll be doing my usual routine of running and yoga but that’s a give ;). It’s actually my first weekend in Boston in a while so I’m looking forward to it!

Also, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Friday Fantasy post – I guarantee you it will make you want to plan your travels as soon as possible. There’s also another post on NY coming up and a challenge post next week. Hope you are enjoying those thus far!

If you haven’t had the chance, this week I’ve shared amazing photos of Korea, stories about the Nomading Film Festival in NY and my experience at a Hostel in New York.

Do you have anything planned for the weekend?


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