Friday Fantasy

I told you earlier this week that this week’s Friday Fantasy will be based on the films that we watched at the Nomading Film Festival. There were 10 finalists and all of them were amazing but here are 5 that really made me want to get out there and travel. There’s a voting going on right now on Gadling where you can pick your favorite too – it ends tonight, Friday, June 29th at 11:59pm so hurry and vote your favorite on Gadling now!

Here’s the link:

1) Incubation by 

2) Crossing Iceland by 

3) Live. Love. Bike by 

4) My Grateful Journey by  [youtube]

5) Here’s to Now by 

I don’t think any of these need explanations. Just watch and be inspired. There are also more great films from the finalists and you can view it all on Gadling:

Don’t forget to go vote and let me know which one was your favorite and why.


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