On nom nom: Eat, Drink & Play in #NYC

Watch the sunset at Boat Basin: After the film festival, we had a little time to kill and eat dinner. Instead of going to a bar near where we were, we decided to use this time to go watch the sunset by the river. A group of us took a long “casual stroll” (which I enjoyed since I love walking). Located at The West 79th Street Boat Basin Café on the Hudson River, it’s a nice place for people to chill, watch the sunset, have some food and enjoy a drink or two. Since it was a Saturday, the place was super packed and loud – it took us about 30 mins to find a table but we were lucky. After a long day of being out in the sun, the loud atmosphere did tire me out a bit but I still had a great time. The food ranges from $4 hot dogs to $30 steak entree, so there’s something for everyone. The drink we got at the beginning was Electric Lemonade and I warn you – if you are not into sweet, syrupy drinks, don’t get it.. I am not a fan of sweet drinks and couldn’t finish it.  It was a nice little gathering nonetheless and I did enjoy the food there. I’ll definitely go back if I’m casually strolling down the Hudson River on the Upper West Side.

Foodgasm at Long Grain Thai & Japanese restaurant: @Travelinglinds and I were craving Thai food ever since we took the bus from Boston to NY. So the first thing we wanted when we woke up on Sunday…? Thai food for brunch, of course. We walked around the neighborhood, hung out in Central Park (or more like… take one pic and leave) and headed over to Long Grain. We got there a little early so waited outside the door until it was noon (yes, we were really craving Thai food). The food was pretty good. I ordered my default go-to Thai dish, Pad See Ew with chicken. The chicken was so tender – it was incredible. The food portions were huge, service was great and the food was yum. Definitely a satisfying meal. If you are around Upper West Side and want Thai food, go to Long Grain on 2534 Broadway.

Sunday Funday at Latitude Bar & Grill: Located at 783 8TH AVENUE [BETWEEN 47TH & 48TH], getting there is a bit of a hike since it was near Time Square on a beautiful Sunday full of tourists walking (I mean not walking and blocking my way) around the city. We were gathering at Latitude for a TBEX reunion (although I did not go, I met a few at the film festival the day before) and to watch the England vs. Italy game (I was, at least).  I liked this place because although it was packed and crowded outside, it was pretty empty and quiet in the bar. It was interesting to be able to look out into the bustling scenes of 8th Avenue.  Definitely recommend the place!


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