Challenge #4: Get off the mat

I’m always going on and on about how much I want to do outdoor yoga or go on a yoga retreat but I’ve never been able to commit myself to do any of those. I got a mini-taste of outdoor yoga last week – I finally decided to get out of the studio and go to an outdoor yoga event. Thanks to Eventbrite Boston (@BriteBoston), I was able to attend Outdoor Yoga with Bre Nourse held at 40Berkeley.

40Berkeley is a nice little hotel/hostel located in Back Bay on.. 40 Berkeley St. (shocker!) and the event was held in the little garden section. With pretty lit candles, the venue was perfect. Being surrounded by trees, wonderful breeze and awesome yogis was exactly what I needed. It was a little loud with cars and trucks driving past from time to time but it was almost like white noise since I focused more on the little birdies that chirped and hopped around the branches above me.

Thanks Eventbrite BostonBre Nourse and 40Berkeley for letting me complete this challenge! Definitely made me want to get out there and actually find more outdoor yoga opportunities than to sit here and write about ’em! ;)

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Have an amazing day off tomorrow & Happy July 4th! :)

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