Quick Preview of My Weekend

Happy Thursday that feels like a Monday! Haha Hope you had a great Fourth of July if you are in the U.S. otherwise, hope you had a great Wednesday! Since yesterday was a day off, I kept my post short and sweet :) It kinda felt like a Saturday all day and I kept thinking that I’d miss work today because I’d wake up and think it’s Sunday. Anyway, now that I am at work – it feels like a Monday. Now, that’s just messing with my brain and yours.

My day yesterday was fun! I originally had nothing planned. I thought I was going to just stay home and get sleep but I got up early, went to brunch with my awesome professor (who is an amazing mentor, friend and inspiration – he has such a free-spirit and we have the best convos ever). I then went over to my friend’s house, took a mini nap, went out to walk to the commons, came back to her place and napped (I think I napped about three times yesterday – haha). Finally, I got up and went to dinner with friends at Sunset Cantina – which was a lot of fun because our server, Tyler, was a lot of fun. We also got two mini magic shows from Eduardo!

I mentioned I hate crowds so I probably won’t see the fireworks – but I knew I had to experience it.. expecially because it was my first July 4th ever! I’ve always been back home in Cambodia or out of the country during this time.  So we headed over to the BU Bridge instead of the Mass Ave Bridge. There were a lot less people. It did start pouring just before the fireworks but it was still a lot of fun :) I’m glad we went to the BU Bridge since I could just walk home afterwards. Overall, a good day/night – I’d say. Now I’m just looking forward to the weekend!

My high school teacher’s family/family friend/friend’s family (it’s complicated so let’s just call them friends from home!) are coming to visit today. Won’t be able to see them but I’ll see them on Friday which I’m really excited about! Thinking of heading over to the harbor and the North End :) Also, on Saturday, I’ve gathered people together for a mini girls’ night out – ribs and the Donkey Show. I am excited beyond words.

Apart from all that, I’ll probably do a lot of yoga and running since I’ve been a little lazy lately.

What do you have planned for the weekend?


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