Friday Fantasy

Happy Friday, everyone (And happy 20th Friday Fantasy – woohoo)! In last week’s Friday Fantasy, I featured my five favorite videos from the Nomading Film Festival – and I was going to leave it at that but I had to share the rest with you because they are all just amazing. All of the videos are so different from each other and they all inspire you to get out there and travel. I could’ve just shown you five but it would have made me very sad  if I didn’t show you the rest. So here are 5 videos from the list of Top 10 that I didn’t show you last week.

1) Away to get wet

2) A glimpse of the other side of the world

3) Guys guide to America 

4) La Tomatina

5) Popup Thailand

By the way, Guys guide to America won the votes on Gadling. They are definitely a funny bunch and have definitely put together a fun video.

Enjoy and be inspired. Happy Friday :)


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