Looking for a Girls’ Night Out in Boston?

I’ve never been a ‘huge group’ kind of person. I’ve always had my small group of friends who enjoy similar things – including just lounging in a cafe for hours and hours with infinite amount of topics to talk about despite the fact that we see each other 24/7. Coming to Boston and being busy with school, work and trying to adjust to the change, I lost that. However, I have no one else to blame for that but myself, which has become very apparent to me lately. With a bit of effort, messaging and gathering the right group of people, you can have a successful Girls’ Night Out in Boston – that doesn’t necessarily include going to a bar and looking pretty.

I decided to invite a group of fun girls out to the Donkey Showwhich you know I’ve seen a few times. I’ve only been to the show with a group of friends mix of guys and girls and never with just girls.  What can be more perfect than a group of girls watching half naked guys covered in glitter dance on stage?

Before the show, we decided to meet up for some ribs! We headed over to Red Bones in Davis Square – which was definitely an awesome choice! I got the steak tips – which I wasn’t a huge fan of because it was sweet but it was good nonetheless and I will definitely go back to try other things on the menu. My fault for going to Red Bones and not getting ribs – right? Portions are huge, staff is friendly and the drink menu is great. I recommend the Raspberry Margarita. Yumm!

Afterwards, we headed down to Harvard Square for the 10:30 Donkey Show. It was my third time seeing the show – and they never disappoint. I can dance and have a blast even without a drop of alcohol but I did definitely notice that the 10:30 crowd danced a bit more than the 7:30 crowd. All the girls had a great time dancing, watching the show and talking to some of the casts at the end. I am definitely going back because I don’t think I can ever get sick of the show but I definitely want to try watching the other shows as well – I hear the Roller Disco is fun too.

Playing patty cakes with one of the fairies – Photo Courtesy to @BessieJKing

After the show

So – if you are looking for a fun Girls’ Night Out, head over to Harvard Square for lots of glitter and fun! Remember to buy your tickets online in advance since the show is getting popular and tickets run out fast! :) The show is on every Saturday at 7:30 pm and 10:30pm. Both are awesome options – you can go to the 7:30 show and go out afterwards or go to dinner, get drinks, go to the 10:30 show and still go out afterwards ;)

What do you like to do on your Girls’ Night Outs?

**Sorry boys, maybe I’ll do a post on Guys’ Night Out soon but I’d need some help putting that together.

More info:

Red Bones, 55 Chester Street · Somerville, MA  02144 – get off Davis Sq. T stop and it’s a couple of blocks walk located in an alleyway past the Somerville Theater!

Oberon (where the Donkey Show is held at), 2 Arrow Street, Harvard Square – get off at Harvard Sq. T-stop and walk down away from Harvard.


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