Capture the Colour

TravelSupermarket has put together the Capture the Colour contest, highlighting travel bloggers’ best photography that showcases the colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and White. All this for a chance to win £2000. Winning this will help me immensely with paying for my upcoming Euro Trip but… I’m doing this more for fun than anything else.

I don’t really participate in contests but this seemed fun so I decided to join! It did take me a while to pick out photos of those exact colors but I liked the challenge so instead of choosing from colors that I already had (orange – pretty much), I decided to rummage through my photos for those five colors. It was also fun to look through my old travel photos. I love looking through photos and reminiscing the good ol’ times. :)

The judges of this contest are: Dan of Canvas of Light, Abi of Inside the Travel Lab, Dave and Deb of The Planet D, Christine of Almost Fearless, and Ken Kaminesky.

Without further ado, here are my five color submissions:

1) Blue

Honolulu, Hawaii

I still can’t get over the fact that the stop sign in Hawaii was Blue. Wish I had a better quality photo but here’s a photo to prove it nonetheless. All the different signs around the world fascinate me – even the fact that the walk light in the U.S. is white still baffles me a little since everywhere else I’ve been to, it’s green. Anyway – the stop sign in Hawaii is Blue – Fact.

2) Green

Kampong Phluk, Cambodia

This is the most green I’ve ever been surrounded in. Growing up in Cambodia, I’ve been to many villages in and around Cambodia – but Kampong Phluk was an entirely different experience. Just looking at the way people lived during a high rainy season and how people’s lifestyle changes due to climate and the weather fascinates me. I’m not a huge fan of ‘invading’ people’s lives for travel experience but this was definitely eye-opening for someone who has lived in Phnom Penh, the city for years. I didn’t know these types of lifestyles existed. Isn’t it crazy to think that those are just tip of the trees? During the first half of the year, the village is a farming village – no water whatsoever but then other half of the year, water piles up high enough for the village to become a fishing village.

3) Yellow

Siem Reap, Cambodia

You know that I am all about patterns and colors – which is why I love taking micro photos. It’s these small patterns and colors that come together to make something magnificent – it’s the little details. Colors of Southeast Asia (or colors that make me think of Southeast Asia) are yellow, gold, orange and red. Look at the intricate patterns on this pottery – all it is a little bowl that sits by the entrance of the temple to hold incense but it’s absolutely gorgeous.

4) White

Prey Veng, Cambodia

I’m always hesitant to use this photo because it was such an emotional experience for me. If you remember back in June – I went to Prey Veng with UNICEF Cambodia and Asiana Airlines to witness some of the programs that are implemented in Cambodia through UNICEF. As a volunteer, it was my responsibility to let Asiana Airlines know where their funding is going to and teach them about some of the issues that exist in Cambodia and why funding is so important to change the system. Instead of seeing ‘the usual’ (as I’ve been to many villages back when I used to live in Cambodia), I came back with this huge burden deep inside of my heart. I talked about it a little in my post, Cambodia: Still More to Learn, but being away from Cambodia for 2 years and learning a lot more about how international development issues are handled, I was more frustrated than anything that the progress in Cambodia was very slow. Anyway, going back to the topic, what picture can represent white more than those beautiful, clear eyes?

5) Red

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

To me, red is all about bold, daring, and being brave. This picture signifies exactly what I think ‘red’ represents. As you get older, you stop being so creative and start only using the colors you are familiar with. You don’t splash red paint on top of blue – you start confining to your ‘safety zone.’ Seeing the children paint the walls with vibrant colors made me realize how much I miss being a kid who didn’t worry about what looked pretty or nice in other people’s standard. I miss the times where I did things just because I wanted to!


So here are my colors and my photos that represent these colors. I love how each of them tell a story and brings back memories :) This was definitely a fun post to put together so even if you are not looking to earn £2000 (but come on, who isn’t? And if you really aren’t and end up winning it – ehem, my bank is wide open), take part and pick out your five photos – trust me, it’s fun!

Here are five bloggers I nominate to play this game with me: Travel Yourself, Bitten by the Travel Bug, The World Wanderer, Along the Way and Fashionistas Travel – yay fellow lady bloggers!

Check out how you can participate here. And also make sure to read the Terms & Conditions here.


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