Quick Preview of My Weekend

Been a long week, long week indeed! I am sick *cough cough* *sniff sniff* and haven’t been able to shake it off. :( However, English tea with milk and honey keeps me at work all day so yay!! :)


Need some Zen this weekend?
On Tuesday, I went to an ammmaaazzzziiinnngggg yoga class.. yes, it was that good. I highly highly recommend taking a class with Aaron Cantor at Back Bay Yoga because – I love all the other lovely yoga instructors I take classes with regularly but Aaron is just toally, totally different. What did I love? I loved that he was funny and that he focused a lot on breathing naturally (instead of breathing per pose) but what I loved the most was that he didn’t call any of the Asanas by their names. That was awesome! Instead of calling it the ‘Downward Facing Dog,’ he just said ‘push your butt in the air and feel comfortable.’ This made it so much more easy just because he was telling me how I was supposed to feel and that there are no set rules in the pose. Loved loved loved it. Definitely check his class out if you are looking for a nice yoga class :)

Feeling Artsy?
I went to an outdoor barbecue at the amazing Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum on Monday (which I have actually not been to yet!). It was nice to just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day with food and delicious dessert. Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum – I haven’t been inside yet so I can’t recommend it properly but the way my friend, Kaitlyn (who invited me along for the barbeque), described it, I can’t wait to go!

Also, today, I am going to an art show – Oficio Summer Art Reception – which you can still register to. It’s free and it’s an event full of local arts, drinks and live event.

Fun time with travelers!
I am then, taking a group of travelers on a Karaoke night at The Kinsale – woohoo! Feel free to come meet us at The Kinsale if you want to hang out with some travelers :) Also, on Saturday, I’m helping taking a group on a Harvard Tour – technically I’m volunteering, but I haven’t been on the Official Harvard Tour either so it’s like a travel experience for me too!

I’m of course going to be doing lots of yoga and hanging out with friends. So although there are no big things planned for the weekend, it’s definitely going to be a busy one. Let me know what you are doing this weekend and feel free to hit me up if you’d like to join me!

I’ll end with a song I’ve been listening on loop all day. Happy weekend planning :)


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