Have a Nice Staycation!

Last week’s #TTOT was about staycation, which I am a huge fan of since I believe that you can only get the best experience out of traveling if you know how to appreciate the little things  – and once you learn to travel and explore your surroundings, paying attention to the little things you may dismiss everyday, you are all set and ready to go out and travel! And like I always say, I treat everyday as a traveling experience and you will be pretty surprised how many things there are to do around you that you simply don’t do because you are not “traveling.” Anyway, I was invited to a last minute mini-vacation by a friend. We planned to stay the night at the Hilton Boston Back Bay and have a fun night out.

With a glass of champagne, we went to dinner at our favorite girls’ night hang out, Lolita and went to The Harp for a friend’s birthday party.

Can’t afford the time and money to travel? Look into having a staycation!

1) Find a place to stay! Depending on what you want to do, what experience you want, you can either look into a hotel or a hostel. Look out for deals on websites like Gilt or Groupon to see if there are any hotels in your area you can get a sweet deal out of! Then, book it! I personally wouldn’t book a hostel because for me, staycations are more about giving myself a little treat. But! Hostels are a great place to meet other travelers who will automatically make you feel like you are traveling too.

2) Pack a bag – like you are actually going on a trip. Since it’s only a night, you could technically just go without packing, stay the night and come back the next morning – but! most of the excitement about travel comes from the preparation. So pack like you are going far away for a night (even if your apartment is only 30 mins away from the hotel).

3) Go Offline. Do NOT under any circumstances take your laptop with you. That needs to stay home. Try to stay off of your phone/email as much as possible. You could even leave it at home but that’s pretty inconvenient.

4) Plan your day and go do something you have never done before. I started my morning off with an official Harvard tour (I had to because I volunteered). Since I’ve been to Harvard many many times, I never thought of doing a tour. However, it was actually pretty fun and interesting. I learned a thing or two about Harvard.

5) Go out to eat at a new restaurant or try a new bar. We ended the night at The Harp, where I’ve never been to before. I’ve also never been out near that area.

Staycation is all about indulging and giving yourself a little treat. Of course, it’s not as good as actually going somewhere but I also like having a mini-vacation in Boston because I knew that home was only 30 minutes away. I actually took a friend to the airport after the staycation – so it actually felt like I was on vacation, especially being in the airport. Haha. So yea, maybe go to the airport afterwards and then go home to add on to the ‘vacation’ feeling (no, I’m kidding – that’s just silly).

If you want a little ‘break,’  you might want to try a little staycation. It doesn’t even have to be in the city, you can even take a train or a bus to somewhere close by and also have a nearcation instead.

Have you had a staycation recently? How was it?


2 thoughts on “Have a Nice Staycation!

  1. Staycations to me are actually the most relaxing kind of vacation. No travel plans to worry about, no itineraries to follow, just relaxation and absorption of ones surroundings!

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