Quick Preview of My Weekend

Happy Thursday, everyone. I’m still battling my cold from last week :( I’m at the final stages of annoying-lingering-coughing-that-won’t-go-away so Since I’m battling this cough, I’ve decided to work from home – although it doesn’t necessarily make me better, I do feel better knowing I’m not getting everyone in the office sick! Seriously – I’ve been worrying about that this whole week especially with my cube-buddy back in the office. Haha

It’s been incredibly hot in Boston the past few weeks – It was in the low to mid 30s (Celsius) and pretty much unbearable without AC. I grew up in a hot country, so I’m ok with the heat and actually prefer the heat over cold but it was pretty hot – until yesterday, it started thunderstorming and pouring down like crazy. It’s cooled down a bit and now, it’s 23 degrees. Let’s please keep it this way :)

Anyway, I’m sitting here, in one of my favorite cafes in Allston (the only cafe I like, actually) working, taking it easy and planning my weekend. But – the more and more I try to plan my weekend, the more I don’t want to do.. anything. I think it’s one of those weekends where I just really want to relax and I REALLY want to get better. I’m thinking about going to a dance class at the Dance Complex, yoga at Back Bay Yoga and Sweat and Soul, relaxing and doing some reading on the esplanade and maybe going to the SoWa market.

Every Thursday, I volunteer at Hostelling International so I am taking a group out to Karaoke at Kinsale if you want to join and on Saturday, we are off to the Harvard Tour in the morning. Feel free to join me anytime – but yes, for now – this is the only thing I have planned.

I also just went to the post office to pick up my photos I ordered through Prinstagram so I’m pretty excited! I can’t wait to decorate my new apartment with these instagram photos.

I also found out today about Postagram – which I think I’ll be using a lot of when I’m traveling! Check out these 10 ingenious travel apps that will make your travels even better!


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