Friday Fantasy

Happy Friday and I apologize for the extremely late post. I’ve been sick/working from home – which is just all an excuse. Hehe But I’m here now and so are my top 5 fantasies of the week. This is a real fantasy since I’m planning my Euro Trip, I can’t seem to get Europe out of my head! I found a series of videos by filmed last year as the duo travel 30 countries, sponsored by Interrail. Of course I love all 30 videos and want to go to all those places (maybe I will) but as always, here are my top 5. Yayyy! :)

1) Berlin, Germany: If and when I fly to Europe, Berlin’s the first place I’m going to. Several reasons – one, my best friend is German and I’ve grown up very close to her family. I also have many friends from Germany. But, I’ve never been there so I feel like I should. Two, I’m a history freak and I really need to go see the remains of the Berlin Wall. So yes, Germany is number one on my list.

2) Thessaloniki, Greece: By now you should know how much I’m obsessed with Greece. When I picture Greece, all white with dots of bold colors here and there. When I told one of the travelers that, he said that was exactly what Greece was like – maybe he’s just messing with me, I don’t know but right now, my Euro Trip is planned up until Greece.

3) Bled, Slovenia: Slovenia has recently come under my radar and now, it’s the country I’m actually most excited about. The blend of complete nature + humanity totally fascinates me and the photos I’ve been looking at are literally, mesmerizing. I have a photo of Slovenia saved as my phone background and I REALLY want to go right now. Haha

4) Venice, Italy: To be completely honest, Italy has never been a place I’ve felt like I need to go to but after seeing this video, I can’t wait to walk around the streets of Venice eating gelato and pizza :P

5) Barcelona, Spain: If I had to pick a place to live temporarily, it’s Spain. However, I never think of anywhere else but Madrid when I think of Spain. So this video gave me a clear look of what Barcelona is like.

Which of these 5 have you been to? Which would you like to go to? Have some tips you wanna share? Feel free to contact me and send me any resources you have to plan my Euro Trip. Expect more Friday Fantasies to be about Europe since It’s all I can think to lately.

Happy Friday and have an awesome weekend! :)


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