A healthy dose of sunlight on the Charles

Having no plans for the weekend meant being a little spontaneous. My Saturday always begins with an early morning trip to the hostel to bring a group of people to the Harvard Tour.  A group of little less than 20 people and trying to get them on the T and safely transporting them to Harvard is a lot more tiring than you’d think – but! I’ve been pretty lucky and successful in getting them there on time. Of course, the real perk of the tour for me is that I have to listen to the same thing over and over again every week. I’m pretty sure I could give the tour myself in a couple of weeks – haha.

After the tour, the weather was too gorgeous for me to go back home. So, I met up with a friend to grab brunch at Refuge Cafe, one of my favorite spots in Allston. The food is good, reasonably priced and they sell beer. I haven’t tried the beer selections there yet but they have Equal Exchange coffee, my favorite brand, so it’s my go-to cafe. Located down the street from my house is definitely a plus. :)

With a bit of caffeine and a full belly, my friend and I decided to go on a spontaneous kayaking trip. We walked to the Charles River Canoe & Kayak in Allston on 1071 Soldier’s Field Road. It was a nice 30 minute walk followed by an hour of kayaking (more like me floating on the kayak and my friend paddling) and getting lots of sunlight. The rates for a double kayak start at around $20 so we paid $10 each. You don’t pay until the end so make sure to pay attention to how long you are on the kayak – an hour flew by a lot faster than I thought.

Check out rates here and directions for Boston and Cambridge. It’s definitely a nice relaxing way to spend the weekend. I’m hoping to get out there more this summer :) The only thing that sucks is that the water is really gross and I can’t swim in it.

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