Quick Preview of My Weekend

Happy Thursday – almost weekend! I must have been exhausted these past few weeks because yesterday, I got home and passed out until this morning. Had a nightmare or two (am I stressed? maybe..?) but when I woke up to the smell of rain and fresh cut grass. It made my day nice and happy again. To celebrate the olympics, the office has been playing lots of games in the afternoon. I was a foosball player but lost pretty badly so expect me to go out and play foosball sometime this weekend. Haha

This weekend is all about getting back into my ‘routine’ or somewhat of a routine. There’s been so much going on the past few weekends that I have let myself be lazy but at the same time not take a break for my own. My usual routine of taking dance classes, yoga, running, reading, watching a movie and relaxing has gone completely out the window. Instead, I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time!

So, this weekend – I’ll get back to a routine. I think hanging out with travelers have a detrimental effect – it makes me feel like I’m on vacation as well and my schedule becomes all messed up. “Wake up. You live here.” sigh…

My weekend will consist of the usual Harvard Tour, yoga classes and I’ll try to squeeze in a dance class or two. I’ll also try to hang out with more friends in Boston to bring my head back to reality. As much as I love hanging out with travelers but I need to snap back to reality once in a while.

I’ll also be planning a trip soon! I just won a $500 Expedia voucher from yesterday’s #ExpChat so I am ecstatic! My visa won’t let me travel out of the US without a bunch of documents and letters so… I’m going to have to travel within the U.S. for now. Any suggestions? Don’t forget to participate in #ExpChat every Tuesday for a chance to win $500. It’s fun, informative and awesome! :)

What do you have planned for the weekend? Anything fun going around where you are?


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