Friday Fantasy

Happy Friday! This week went by pretty fast and was pretty surreal. It was a week full of different types of emotions, thoughts and amazing conversations. Definitely a one-of-a-kind week. As always, travels on my mind and this week, the urge to get out there was greater than any other week. When it comes to fantasizing about travel, most of it is about being outdoors in the open whether it’s by walking, being on the road or floating on the water. So here are a few things I fantasized about, wishing I was there right now.

1) The Mongol Rally. I’ve always wanted to go to Mongolia but my obsession was extreme road trip only started recently. Growing up, we were always on the road since my parents loved going on road trips – but I’m not talking about the family road trip, staying at hotels kind of road trips. I want to experience being completely on the road and driving not just for the weekend but for a long period of time. If I could, I would really love to go on the Mongol Rally at some point. Of course, I’d have to learn to drive first (the only thing stopping me from going on ANY road trips). Anyone want to join? Check out “How to Take Part in the Mongol Rally 2012” and “How to Prepare for the Mongol Rally 2012.”

Photo from

2) Bike trip around Southeast Asia. Talking about road trips, there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do – which is to rent a motorbike and traveling Southeast Asia. I’ve taken the bus to Vietnam and Thailand – I’ve also flown to Laos but I really want to do a bike trip. There’s something about being on a bike that I love – maybe it’s because I grew up on it but I just love feeling the ‘fresh’ (dusty) air. Next time I’m back home, I will definitely plan a road trip around Southeast Asia. Check out the post “How I Spent the 4th of July on a Motorcycle in Vietnam” by Makes me want to go back right now!

Photo from

3) Santiago street art. I am a sucker for walking and art – so street art is perfect. I also haven’t shared a post from Along the Way in a while – and all of her posts are amazing. So make sure to check them out – she’s on a way cooler journey than I am! Anyway, her photos are amazing and I had to share :) Santiago has never been radar but who wouldn’t want to visit somewhere covered in creativity? Make sure to check her blog post out here!

Photo from

4) Art is why I want to go to Berlin. Berlin is currently at the top of my list. Yesterday, a traveler asked me why – I said it was because I love history – especially art history and how art has transitioned over time. If I think of avant-garde and art, Berlin comes to my mind. I shared before that one of the things I’d like to do in Berlin is to visit cafes but I also am totally looking forward to the street art. Check out these amazing photos by Bohemian Trails – I’m getting a rush just looking at these! I love the photo below – it has three of my favorite artists – Audrey Hepburn is also my icon if you remember ;)

Photo from

5) Floating on the river. A little different from the rest – but after my kayaking trip on the Charles, I’ve been reminiscing about the time I was in Koh Kong just floating on the rivers, kayaking, jumping into the water, fishing and being completely disconnected from the world. Take me back there now!!! :( Check out the post from when I was there last year here.

What are you fantasizing about? Any on the list you’d like to add to your bucket list?


6 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy

    • Thanks! I went to Taiwan couple of years ago – you are right – it is under-rated. I would love to visit Tainan and other places too. Really loved the hot springs when I was there! haha

  1. Thanks for sharing my post about Santiago – I really didn’t expect the city to be so artsy and beautiful but I really love that it surprised me that way! :-D Hope you get to see it for yourself some day. And if you want a really amazing bike trip in Laos, do the Bolaven Plateau (although you’ll probably want a motorbike rather than a bicycle for it) – it was the muddiest thing I’ve ever done but Roman and I LOVED it.

    • Thanks for the lovely post on Santiago! Really makes me want to visit – and loving your photos sooo much! :) I definitely need to check that trip in Laos out – muddy = awesome!

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