Sports fans in Boston

So much for relaxing and doing yoga this weekend (I did manage to squeeze in a couple of classes). After the Harvard Tour on Saturday morning, I ended up doing a spontaneous trip to TD Garden. I know many of you are going to think I’m crazy and shake your head but… it was actually my first time inside the Garden (I know, I know). Don’t get me wrong, I love watching sports and I watch the Celtics – on TV. I’d rather go to a bar, sit with friends and watch a game then to go to a crowded game (like I’ve said before, I hate big crowds) but I know it’s not an excuse and I’ve promised my friend (who took me to the Garden on Saturday) that I’d go watch a game with him when he comes back to visit Boston.

Anyway, long story short – David, my Belgian friend living in Montreal, is a huge Celtics fan and has been since he was a kid. After the Harvard Tour, a group of travelers and I grabbed breakfast over an exciting conversation about traveling and each others’ lives. David and I then headed over to North Station (TD Garden is right outside of North Station, which you can take the green line to). I had never been inside the Garden and also didn’t know that there was a Sports Museum in Boston.

Once you get into the building, you can buy a ticket to the Sports Museum, which is $10 each, at the sports shop located on the ground floor. Make sure to check out the schedule before you go because it seems like the schedule is very irregular. After purchasing the ticket, you have to get inside the museum – the door is shut closed and in order to get it, you have to call a number listed on the door to let you in – such a weird system especially because not many travelers have cell phones! This is probably why David dragged me to the museum with him – haha (just kidding- but it definitely helped that I was there and that he wasn’t there alone!).

Once you go in, it looks like an empty back stairwell until you go up the second floor – and on the second floor,  it’s just an empty space with a few glass cases of jerseys, books and photos. Honestly, at the first glance, we were both really disappointed and found the situation a little funny. We pay $10 to this thing called  a ‘Sports Museum, ‘ it’s completely empty, there’s barely anything, so we were confused for a bit. There are tours every hour on the clock so we had missed the tour by 5 minutes as well.

We decided to walk around ourselves instead of waiting for an hour – maybe it’s because we were both sports fans but I did enjoy the ‘museum’ in the end. It was fun to look at jerseys of famous players and I did learn a thing or two. I got to look at the first women’s basketball uniform and also found out that the first women’s basketball game was held at Smith College in Massachusetts! Also found out that there was another baseball team, the Braves, and Braves Field is currently Boston University’s Nickerson Field – who knew? The Red Sox wanted a larger stadium and BU acquired Nickerson Field (then Braves Field) when the Braves left for Milwaukee.

We also got to go in and sit at the empty stadium for a bit where we made a promise that when the season starts, we’ll come back to watch the game in that same spot – haha.

Overall, I’d say that it’s not the best museum to go to and $10 is a bit of a rip-off but I did have fun probably because I love museums and sports. If you are a die-hard Red Sox or Celtics fan, it’s definitely worth a visit. I am not a die-hard fan but I still had a good time learning a thing or two about the sports scene in Boston – and it convinced me to want to go back to watch a game.

Check out times and admissions info. here.  Definitely try to go on time for the tour – I’m sure you’ll learn more than just walking around the museum.


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