Explore your own city: Being a tourist in Boston

Apart from the visit to the New England Sports Museum, the day was packed with lots of walking, drinking and having a lot of fun. The great thing about hanging out with travelers is that they make me do touristy things in Boston too while I take them around to different places. After a brief visit to the Sports Museum (we were there for about 40 minutes and that’s because we took our time – there really wasn’t much to see), we decided to walk towards the Harbor. David mentioned he wanted to see Beacon Hill area so we walked around a few streets with pretty houses where the doors were way too small for our tall Belgian friend. Beacon Hill is definitely a nice neighborhood to walk in and apparently it reminds David of streets in Amsterdam – I wouldn’t know.

After our brief walk, we went over to my favorite spot on the harbor. It was a little chilly but I definitely enjoyed the breeze and the smell of salt water. The harbor is my favorite part of Boston – it’s where I first went to when I arrived in Boston with my parents back in 2008 so it brings back lots of memories. Also, I love staring into still water and the smell of the ocean makes me happy. There’s always so much going on at the harbor but it’s so peaceful at the same time. We sat for a while talking and not talking until David kept saying he needed a beer – I needed a beer – haha. So we went over to Anthem, which I had been to for a Boston Blogger event a while ago. We didn’t get food there but when I got food last time, it was delicious. Anthem is definitely one of my go-to places when I’m by the harbor. After a glass or two, we decided to go do something fun since it was David’s last night.

Being the sports fan he is, he wanted to check out sports bars in Boston so we headed over to Fenway. It started pouring by the time we left Anthem so we arrived at Cask ‘n Flagon half drenched. We drank more beer and ate lots of Nachos and forced each other to eat jalapenos while watching the Olympics, discussing favorite movies and movie stars.  David kept teasing me saying that I was ‘Americanized’  and that I should get a tattoo of an American flag on my shoulder – am I Americanized? After all, I’ve been here for almost 4 years now and it has had a big impact on me.

Anyway, more beer and conversation led to a spontaneous trip to Jillian’s for lots of games of Bowling – I have to say, I think I’m getting better than I used to be – or it was simply pure luck but David and I had strikes and spears left and right – until of course, we had a glass too many and pretty much gave up in the end.

I’d definitely say it was a busy, fun-packed day! When David kept asking me all these questions about Boston while walking around, I realized how much I don’t know about the city – I hadn’t been to the Garden before he took me there, I’d never been to a Celtics game, hadn’t been to a ton of great museums in the city and hadn’t even done the freedom trail!

Try spending a day in your city being a tourist – or take a tourist around. You’ll realize how much you’ve been missing out and how much you don’t know about the city because you are busy doing your everyday things.

I got some exploring in Boston to do!


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