Movie Review: Broken English

I haven’t done a movie review is a while so I thought it was about time. The past week, I’ve been trying to take things really slowly. It has been kind of hectic not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well that I just needed a break from everything and spend some time alone. Being constantly surrounded by people is fun and I love it – but it can have a detrimental effect – it starts to turn me into this person that tries to depend on others for happiness and forget how to enjoy ‘me’ time.

After a great yoga session at Back Bay Yoga, I came home, grabbed dinner, and went on Netflix.  I’ve been wanting to watch a travel/life related film but haven’t had the chance to find anything decent. I decided to watch ‘Broken English‘ because the title caught my attention.  The movie is about a thirty-something single woman who’s looking for something but not really sure what. Nora, the main character, works in a hotel, is single and lives a somewhat of a dull life while it seems as though all her friends have figured it all out. She then meets a French man who she’s afraid to fall in love with due to the uncertainty of the relationship.When Julien, the French lover, has to go back to France, she decides to stay and live her dull life. Until one day, she decides to quit her job and move to France to look for him. She, of course, loses his number and has no way of finding him so ends up spending her entire time in France at first looking for him, then just trying to figure her life out.

The whole movie is basically her learning to deal with the uncertainty, be a little spontaneous and get out of her comfort zone. Good story overall – definitely something I’ve had to learn to do and am learning to do.

I wouldn’t say it was a good movie and that you have to watch it – it’s a decent movie. I wish it showed a little bit more of Paris. I think they tried to fit too much into the story that some good points were dismissed.  The biggest thing however was Nora’s character and Parker Posey‘s acting. It just didn’t do it for me. She was starting to kind of annoy me actually. But, I did enjoy the movie and did take away a few thoughts because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be writing about it ;)

I’m definitely all about taking chances and not losing the opportunity to get to know someone because of the uncertainty of the future. Sure, that person may have to leave in a week, a month or even a year – there could be an expiration date but any relationship could have an expiration date and not last forever – who knows? I think it’s always better to get to know that person because you never know – one day you’ll see them again.. Everyone I’ve met whether for a short time or a long time have taught me lots of emotions and have gifted me with great conversations. All relationships involve some risk-taking… right?

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?


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