Quick Preview of My Weekend

Happy Thursday! I don’t know where this week’s been gone – but at the same time, I’ve had a pretty relaxing week and I love it! I’ve done lots of yoga, dinner with a friend and have watched one movie a day. I’m not a TV person so I actually got rid of my TV. I only watch a select shows and lots of movies. I’m currently over-indulging on films and so far I’ve seen Broken English, 2 days in Paris and Albatross. I did enjoy all of them but they weren’t that great. Any movie suggestions?? I love films about travel/love/life so I’m open to any recommendations! :)

Apart from that, it’s been a pretty slow week although it’s been a little busy at work. I’m definitely looking forward to just relaxing this weekend and catching up on sleep, reading and chores. Ever since I started volunteering at the hostel, I’ve been having a pretty much set schedule. Karaoke on Thursday nights and Harvard Tour on Saturdays. I try to keep my plans on Saturday as minimal as possible for spontaneous trips like last Saturday!

Otherwise, it’s the usual yoga, hanging out with friends, venturing out into the city to try new places. We may go do some Salsa dancing and grab oysters and champagne if the weather is nice out :) On a side note, my sister is returning from her trip to Cambodia next week and I am super excited – she will come back and will be traveling again for a month but I’ll be joining her in some of her trips so you will soon get more ‘travel’ posts than of me talking about Boston. Yayy!

If you have nothing planned and want to venture out a bit more, come join Karaoke night or the Harvard Tour!

Karaoke Night:

We meet at The Kinsale around 9pm. Billy, the karaoke man, is absolutely fun and amazing – he’s my new friend now :) Haha There’s a good crowd of people and everyone just have a blast singing, dancing and encouraging others!

Harvard Tour:

Harvard Tour is free and is offered at various times (10 am, 12pm, 2pm) on Saturdays. I take the group on the 10am tour. It’s not the most fun thing to do but you do learn a few quirky things about Harvard. Also, Harvard Square is a great place to grab brunch afterwards. Just sign it at the Holyoke Center next to Au Bon Pain!


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