Friday Fantasy

Travel, travel, travel, travel, photography, photography, photography, photography – my mind is going crazzyyy. I can’t wait to travel and take lots and lots of photos. When I look at other travelers and their gorgeous photos, I completely get lost in time and spend hours and hours looking at them. Check out these five posts that had me itching to get out there this week.

1) Berlin Holi Festival of Colours. Once again, Berlin, my number one destination on the list at the moment + lots of colors and a ton of fun getting completely dirty and covered in powder… these are awesome photos. Check out‘s post Berlin Holi Festival of Colours for more photos!

2) Welcome to Sarajevo. The best thing about putting together Friday Fantasy posts is that while I do it to let you know of cool things and places around the world, I too get to find some awesome places that I’d never thought about. I have heard of Sarajevo but never really stopped to think about what it would be like. These awesome photos from makes me want to go though!

3) Slovenia. This isn’t a blog post but I have to share these photos with you because they are absolutely amazing. These are photos by my Slovenian friend Matej who lives there. One of the main things that convinced me to add Slovenia to my Euro Trip plan – you can’t not visit the place after you see these photos. Check more of his photos out here.

4) Photos from all over the world by my friend Phil. All of Phil’s photos are amazing – especially photos of when he visited rural areas of Cambodia. Check them out on his website at

5) Budapest at Night. See what I’m saying? Would I have ever put Budapest on my bucketlist had I not seen these amazing photos? Probably not. Now that I’ve seen them, I want to grab my camera and go right now! Check out more photos at

Thanks to all the wonderful photographers and bloggers for sharing these beautiful images with the world! The more and more I work on these posts, I realize how much there is to see in this world that I don’t even know of or think about. I love how my list is getting longer – need to keep saving up!!

Which photos catch your attention the most? Anywhere on this list you’d like to add to your bucketlist??


7 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy

  1. I love all of the photos and pictures! What cameras do you prefer and what type do you own? I have been thinking about getting into it for a while now.

    • Thanks for stopping by! These photos are gorgeous aren’t they? Make sure to check out each of the blogs where these photos are from! I used to use a Canon 30D but I don’t have them with me anymore (my photos are here:

      I’m getting a new camera next week but it’s supposedly my surprise graduation gift so I have no idea what it is – super excited!

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