Challenge #7: Off the mat and on to the wall

I’m one of those people that loves familiarity and patterns. As in – I’m the one student that sits in the exact same spot during class, the one that stands in the exact same spot during dance class, yoga class, boxing class, you name it. I’m the one that sits in the exact same spot during lunch and when I go into the cafe that I always go to. I love familiarity and find comfort in it. If I for some reason have to move to a different spot, it just makes me anxious. This means that I also tend to go to the same yoga class with the same set of yoga instructors whom I love – and I just rotate within that cycle. I like Vinyasa so I ONLY go to Vinyasa classes. I only like two yoga studios, Back Back Yoga and Sweat and Soul Yoga, which I’ve mentioned many times and so I only go to those places.

However, my class card is expiring soon and I wanted to use them all up – so I thought it would be a great oppotunity for me to try something new. After all, these Challenge posts are supposed to force me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. So, even though I was a little skeptical, I decided to try Ropes/Wall Yoga Conditioning at Back Bay Yoga with Aaron Carter. The good thing is, I’ve taken Aaron’s class before and absolutely loved it so I was feeling a little better that he was the instructor for this class.

I had no idea what to expect but I went anyway with half curiosity and half nervousness. Needless to say, it was awesome. It wasn’t very yoga-like in a sense that it was hard, tiring, challenging and I wouldn’t call it relaxing.  A hard work out at the beginning to strengthen the core and warm up the muscles and then ending with a nice inversion on the wall.

I was sore all week and I am going back tomorrow! So excited and looking forward to it. As always, you never know until you try something. I’m getting a membership just so I can go to rope yoga even though Back Bay is further from my house than Sweat and Soul. Have you ever tried it before?

Check out Ropes/Wall Yoga Conditioning with Aaron Cantor at Back Bay Yoga on Wednesdays at 7:30pm!


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