On nom nom: Getting my Japanese fix

I love sushi – who doesn’t?? But I do really love sushi and I think I could live off of it. I haven’t found a good sushi place in Boston though – and most are well… pretty pricey. Which is why I often crave sushi but only treat myself once in a while until I found this gem!

My friend Bessie and I were craving sushi but didn’t know where to go. So she went on Yelp and found a small restaurant in Chinatown called Avana Sushi! Good find!

Avana Sushi is located in some small ‘food court’ area (with maybe like one bubble tea shop) and is kind of confusing to find at first. It’s an open area with a sushi ‘bar’ – the appearance may throw you off a little bit but don’t worry. The staff, super friendly. The menu has great selections and cheap! I ordered two rolls and the bill came out to be around $15 – and I was stuffed! The portions are big and food was yummy.

People wrote cute little messages and drew pictures of the Sushi Master. Haha

Craving this right now

I definitely recommend this place if you want to get your sushi fix at a cheap price. Of course, it’s not a fancy restaurant and not AMAZING sushi but for the price we paid, we were very satisfied. Speaking of ‘non-fancy’ restaurant.. there was a couple dressed really well laughing and taking photos next to us – I think it was their first date and they thought the place would be a proper restaurant – probably never thought they’d be sitting next to a cell phone store and a storage room in a black dress and a nice suit – but they were having a great time, took photos with the sushi master and left saying ‘we’ll come back soon!’ It was cute. Haha – so yes, if you are looking for a fancy first-date restaurant, this is not the place.

Otherwise, I ‘ll definitely be going back for more sushi soon! Gosh – I’m craving sushi right now :S


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