Quick Preview of My Weekend

I don’t know what is wrong with me but I am sick – AGAIN. I’ve been pretty much sick this entire month. The non-stop coughing and feeling miserable in the morning needs to stop – stat; especially with all the traveling that’s about to happen this month. I just bought my tickets to Montreal, which I am super stoked about since it will be the first time in a year I leave the U.S. (although not very far). I’ve also never been to Canada so yayy!

This weekend, I’m really playing it by ear. My sister is back and her friend is visiting so I want to spend time with them but I also may have to do a quick overnight visit to NY since my good friend Felix is leaving the US for good and returning to England after one year of working here. Booo :(

Anyway, my original plan was to go to and help out at the Fair Trade Music Festival, which I think you should totally go to! Free ice cream, great local bands, supporting a great cause – why wouldn’t you go?

I volunteer with Fair Trade Boston occasionally and used to help out Ben & Jerry’s Boston with their awesome Fair Trade initiatives. Anyway, Ben & Jerry’s is organizing a great event at the Prudential Center on Saturday from 2 – 7 pm. I may or may not be there depending on whether I go to NY or not but my sister will be there so drop by Fair Trade Boston’s booth and say hi! :)

Check out the event details here: Boston Fair Trade Music Festival




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