Weekend Catchup

Happy Monday, everyone and I apologize for being so MIA. Lacking motivation lately (probably not the best place to announce this but I’ve been losing inspiration a little). Maybe it’s because I’ve somehow ended up falling back into a routine – or maybe it’s the lack of routine – I don’t know what it is but I am exhausted!

Anyway.. my sister came back last Monday from her 3 months in Cambodia! Super excited to have her back and listening to all her stories from back home made me nostalgic. Her friend is also visiting from the UK so I’ve definitely had good company for the past week. Did a bit of catching up with our friend Alex who is from Boston but lived in Cambodia (where we met him) and now he’s back in Beantown! So, a week of drinks and lots of reminiscing :)

I did do my spontaneous trips to NY and as it was spontaneous (therefore not very well-planned), it was a little tiring. However, I did have a good time seeing my friend for probably the last time in NYC – I’m sure I’ll see him soon – just in a different city. I ended up having a bus buddy for the trip so it wasn’t too awful – lots of chit chatting about life and relationships made the 4-hour trip less painful.

I unfortunately did not get a chance to take too many photos while I was in NY but I promise you – a post is coming your way tomorrow. Today, I just wanted to write a short one to say that I’m still here, recovering and I also wanted to apologize for being MIA.

Have a beautiful week! :)

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