24 hours in NYC

I did end up being spontaneous and went to NY two weekends ago. I usually like to plan my trips – when to take the bus, where to go, who to meet, what to do, where to stay, etc. but this time, I was very spontaneous – meaning.. didn’t get to do as much as I had hoped or planned, but ended up having a fun weekend.

I love taking the FungWah bus because you don’t have to buy tickets before hand and you don’t have to be on time, etc. You get there, buy a ticket to the next bus available and guarantee you will get on. I woke up a little late on Saturday, just stuffed my tiny bag with some clothes and my camera and headed to pick up a bus buddy (a traveler who I met on Thursday who also happened to be going to NY) and went to South Station. We got 11am bus tickets and were on the 11am bus! It was nice to have a bus buddy to NY since when I go, I’m usually alone. We talked about relationships, life, games, wrestling (don’t ask) – and 4 hours flew by.

The main reason I was going to NY was to hang out with my friend Felix, who I’ve mentioned a couple of times before. Felix is a friend I met in Cambodia – his sister is my best friend’s roommate and they were all visiting Cambodia 2 years ago. Felix then came to the U.S. for a one-year internship and is now returning to the UK. I had to see him before he left and since that weekend was the only free weekend I had, I decided to make the spontaneous trip.

When we got to NY, I said good bye to my bus buddy and headed to Central Park to meet with Felix and his friends. He was at SummerStage – which I wish I had known about earlier – I would’ve definitely made more trips to NY this summer if I had known (although, I’ve been to NY a few times this summer). We sat under the tree since it was hot and listened and danced to The Carolina Chocolate Drops – which I loved! I think it’s going through until the end of the month so make sure to check it out if you are in the city. Check out the schedule here. I couldn’t take too many photos since no cameras were allowed but I could take a few with my phone :)

After the festival, we went to do a bit of shopping for Felix, headed over to his house for dinner and wine. After cooling down a little bit (it was really hot and humid in the city), we headed out again for a night out – we went to St. Mark’s Place, which kind of reminded me of Khao San Road in Thailand – haha lots of bars and tattoo parlors. We went to Sing Sing – which was not the best karaoke bar I’d been to but it was still fun being with a big group of people. I saw the menu and when I saw ‘soju with red bull’ I kinda freaked out – that’s just weird yo.

Next morning, Felix made us breakfast and I drank English tea made by a real English man watching the London Olympics while falling asleep on the couch – my sister was coming into the city before heading off to Toronto and since I won’t see her for two weeks, I told her I’d see her for a couple of hours – it was time for me to say good bye or rather ‘see you later’ to Felix – I’ll see him again – in London maybe Cambodia.. who knows.

Anyway, my 24 hours in NY ended with a box of macaroons from Laduree, cheap dumplings from Chinatown and lots of hugs and ‘see you later’s. Successful, I’d say.


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