Quick Preview of My Weekend

Hiii! I want to first apologize for the long silence – as you know, I’ve been doing a post a day since March and had a few regular posts going on – however, I realized that with my busy schedule and lack of traveling, forcing blog posts that are not fun down your throat is worse than having a few good content. Therefore, I’m sticking to a few posts a week – but don’t worry, I’m still here and I’ll be posting.

I’ve been doing lots of traveling this month so there are more posts to come! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I was in New York for a weekend earlier this month – so check that brief post out. I was also in Rhode Island for a friend’s birthday, which I have a post lined up for you. However, my highlight of the summer is crossing over the border to Canada for the first time ever and visiting Montreal – which I absolutely loved loved loved. Definitely look out for my Montreal posts!

Otherwise, I am moving this Saturday to a new apartment! I’ll be moving in with my sister which I am super excited about – also, can’t wait to decorate the new place – I’ve been spending hours and hours on Pinterest and other blogs. :) This weekend is a long weekend – Labor Day on Monday – so I have a lovely girls’ date planned with Kaitlyn. I’ll be spending my weekend shopping, decorating my place and getting pampered!

What are you doing for your long weekend? Are you traveling anywhere?

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