Labor Day Weekend in Boston

I don’t think I’ve ever done anything for Labor day weekend. When I was in school, I was usually away,  still coming back from Cambodia or I was busy getting ready for school. The past few years I managed to avoid the move-in craziness by simply not moving – and staying at the same apartment but it was about time I moved to a new place, get out of Allston and detach myself from the student community a little bit.

Taking a brunch break – breakfast burrito from Refuge Cafe – yums!

Moving on Saturday, September 1st was as crazy as people made it sound. With the entire Allston, Brighton, Brookline population moving at the same time, traffic was horrible. I tried to throw away most of my things (aiming for a minimalistic lifestyle) but still had to do about 3 trips. At the end of it all, I ended up with about 20 bruises and a sore back but now the hard part is done. Just need to unpack and do some major cleaning around the house.

Putting chairs together – fail – seats are still not attached.

We had a few guests over this weekend so most of it was actually spent out of the house, exploring Boston (hence why I haven’t had time to settle in yet). We had a brunch & shopping day on Sunday, which was nice to just walk around the city and enjoy the beautiful weather. The wind is a bit chilly lately, which is the perfect weather for me.

Monday, we went over to a friend’s house for some BBQ, drinks and a relaxing afternoon. I am a huge fan of outdoor BBQs and it was actually my first one this summer (at the end of summer, sadly).

Watermelon Mojito, anyone?

After the BBQ, we headed over to Towne for some Oysters, wine and lovely chat with friends, including the lovely Kaitlyn. Although moving was physically and mentally tiring/stressful, I’m glad I got to enjoy a bit of relaxing time with friends. I’ll worry about unpacking and whatnot this week. Also, this week is an intense yoga week for me since I’ve not been able to go at all!

Stay tuned for my blog posts on Rhode Island and Montreal – they are coming – very very soon! Hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend!


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