Madness in Providence

Long long overdue – here is a post from when I visited Rhode Island three weeks ago. Sorry for the delay!

I’ve always wanted to go to Rhode Island – I’ve only been to NY, Boston and Connecticut – and I just love short getaways so I was super excited to be visiting Lindsay from Fashionista’s Travel for her big birthday! Lindsay and I met back in March during Blog Better Boston conference and clicked right away – after a trip to NY together for the Nomading Film Festival, we’ve seen each other a few times since and I decided to go spend my weekend in Providence!

With the birthday girl!

Getting to Providence was the easiest thing ever – I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before. It’s a nice trip away from the city and takes less than me going into the city from my house (you know, MBTA, not that efficient). Anyway, took the commuter rail – $10 each way – one every hour or so – and got there around 3pm.

Late Brunch at Nick’s on Broadway

One of the best brunches I’ve had in a while – a little pricey but the food was really good, including the bread. Don’t order the Bloody Mary though – not impressive. I guess no one can really make the perfect Bloody Mary unless you make it yourself since everyone’s preferences are different.  Anyway, good brunch. Satisfied. I loved that we dined watching the food being made as well – it was a complete open kitchen and you could see the chef being all serious ordering the kitchen around.

Celebrating the big Three-Oh!

We started off with dinner at Jacky’s Waterplace Restaurant – a fancy Asian restaurant. Food isn’t that great but pretty good – a little overpriced and the service, awful – but we had good company and had a great time :) My sushi wasn’t bad and the fish bowl we ordered did the trick :) I liked that it was by the water since there was a WaterFire show happening and I got to see it – even though it was just a glimpse.

After dinner, we headed over to Ri Ra Irish Pub, a typical Irish bar. There was a live band that played weird songs from the 90s I hadn’t heard in years. But we were with good company so it was fun.

How could we not end the night with a little bit of food in our tummy. Everyone insisted that I had to try Haven Brothers Diner – so I tagged along and got a cheese burger. The burger, I downed it in seconds – it was good – from what I could remember. It has to be good if there’s a Wikipedia page right..? Well apparently, it is “one of the oldest restaurants on wheels in America and was founded in 1888 as a horse drawn lunch wagon.”

Did I get to see much of Providence? No, not really – but I did have an awesome time – and knowing that the trip only takes an hour or so, I’ll definitely be back. Maybe I’ll get there early morning and do a day trip :)


7 thoughts on “Madness in Providence

  1. Wow.. what a small world lol! I just mentioned that am from Rhode Island and then I saw your post on Rhode Island lol! You definitely need to come back for sure! I want to hang out with you:) Have you tried Mama Kim’s korean truck? It’s the best Korean food in Rhode Island:D Hey come back as soon as possible! I’ll take you to some good Cambodian restaurants:D

    • Hi! So very nice to meet you – and thanks for all your comments :) I loved Rhode Island when I visited but I didn’t get to see much. I am hoping to do a trip soon – and I’ve been craving Khmer food as well so I’ll definitely have to let you know when I do visit! Thanks for reading!

      • Hi NaEun! If you do come please let me know:) Providence is such a diverse city:) There is a little Dominican town in the southside of Providence, Little Italy in federal hill, great khmer restaurants and much more:) Actually let me tell you this. The real khmer food is really really similar to Korean food. Khmer people at home eat Yai Hon which is like Korean bbq. Yai Hon is a traditional khmer meal that every khmer eats almost every day. The khmer food in the restaurant is really really good but it’s not what we eat everyday.

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