Montreal Travels pt.5: Montreal has character

I love a good street performance. Montreal is definitely fun, quirky and full of energy. Walking around Downtown Montreal was the most amusing things ever with things catching our eyes left and right.

We had to check out and move to the other Hostelling International around the corner. It was smaller than the previous one but it was a cute little hostel.

After checking in, we decided to head over to Rue Peel and grab some brunch. We chose Cafe Republique, which was a nice little brunch spot not too far away. I love everything about brunching in Montreal. The only problem, the wasps (I still claim they were bees but apparently I’m wrong). They were everywhere and because I am terrified of them, I spent good half of my brunch time hiding behind the napkin.

After brunch, we walked down Saint-Laurent street, where we witnessed the eclectic vibe of Montreal. From construction workers to street performers, Montreal was amusing.

Montreal’s kinda weird – and I love it. 


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