All it takes: A dose of motivation & inspiration

Human minds are so simple. I’ll admit – the past couple of weeks, I’ve been kind of stressed and had lost motivation to do anything. I was kind of in a rut. Maybe it’s because I was busy and didn’t let myself take a break – maybe it’s because I’m just unnecessarily stressing myself out – but I was physically and mentally tired. All I wanted to do was to go home and sleep – or do nothing. That made things worse, of course. I wanted to hide from my everyday responsibilities and shut myself out from everyone. I get moments like this – I’m sure you do too.

Usually I just let it happen – until I come to my senses again and motivate myself. But this time, I made sure to catch it before it started getting to me. I realized that last week, I wasn’t really being myself and I started getting all these negative thoughts. So instead of locking myself in my room and sitting there hoping these thoughts will go away, I decided to do what has worked the best for me so far – surround myself with people with lots of positive energy for some inspiration and motivation.

Started with a beer with my favorite professor who always inspires me to do more and lets me know that I’m doing ok. He’s always been super supportive and has been the best person to go to. My relationship with some of my professors at BU is the most valuable thing I took away from college. This was followed by a wonderful girls night out with two gorgeous ladies who helped me remember that life and things are simple – and all you need to do is laugh and laugh. We laughed all night, had the best time and I realized how privileged I am to have people to share laughter and good times together.

Oysters, Cheese & Drinks at Marliave – One of my favorite hangouts lately.

The end of my weekend gave me more motivation and inspiration than ever. Being with a group of passionate and caring people who share the same interests – interests that are not superficial and mundane but interests that really make you think – talking about political, social, economical issues around the world with people that don’t just consume information but want to discuss and make changes in this world, is just plain inspiring and motivating.

The most inspiring bunch I know – #TeamAwesome to the rescue. (Also the nerdiest)

After this weekend, I am definitely recharged. I have once again confirmed that I have amazing people around me. So today, I’m feeling more grateful about the things that are happening currently and the people I have around me.


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