What great hospitality looks like.

I normally don’t do posts like these but I wanted to share a little ‘hospitality and social media’ story that I experienced this week.

Like I wrote a year ago, one of the hardest things about being away from home is being away from the loved ones. It’s my mother’s birthday today (tonight for Cambodia) and once again, I am away. I’ve been away for the last 5 of her birthdays. It wasn’t as hard when my sister was still with my parents in Cambodia but  now that my sister’s in Boston too, it makes it super hard for us to show her how much we love and care about her.

Last week, I decided to book my parents a night at one of the newest hotels in Phnom Penh; Sofitel Phnom Penh. Sofitel is a highly recognized brand and although I have not been there, I’ve heard my parents and my sister talk about their dinner buffet. So I decided to get my parents a nice room at the hotel so they can then invite their friends for dinner at the buffet and just relax, be away from home.

Per usual, I shared this with my lovely travel community via Twitter:

Usually when I share, I’m a) stating that I approve and have decided that Sofitel was worth the money, b) looking for others who have stayed there before to hear about their experiences and c) kind of testing how good their social media team is (not joking).

Well, Sofitel Phnom Penh definitely did more than impress me as you can see in the conversation thread below:

After speaking with my mother, who was  extremely pleased with her night at the Sofitel, I found out that there was a birthday cake at dinner for her to share with her friends. On top of that, there was a mini cake, flowers and a fruit basket with a pen and a little note from the manager wishing her a happy birthday.

As someone who works in the travel industry dealing with different types of people from the hospitality industry, I deeply appreciate the quality of service and personal connection Sofitel Phnom Penh has demonstrated today. They could’ve easily ignored my tweet or simply wish my mother a happy birthday but instead, they went above and beyond. This is what you call amazing customer service and use of social media. Now I know exactly which hotel to recommend to people that are going to Cambodia (and people come to me for these types of advices all the time) and will be a loud advocate for this brand and property.

Thank you so much, Sofitel Phnom Penh, for making my mother’s birthday a lovely evening and I can’t wait to go back to Cambodia and stay with you guys! 


6 thoughts on “What great hospitality looks like.

  1. Beautiful story indeed, NaEun! I wanna share a story of this taxi company in Indonesia which provides customer service 24 hours/day. I lost my purse ($300 inside) around midnight- my friend tweeted/sent them a FB message to them to ask for help – the next morning the driver drove to return the purse to me! Lovely! Companies/biz like this need to work harder! :D

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