Sometimes you just need to embrace your inner child

There’s nothing wrong with embracing your inner child. Actually, it’s liberating. We are always caught up on taking care of our responsibilities, acting like grown ups and worrying about what others think about us. That can all get tiring and exhausting. On Saturday, a group of ten 20-something-year-olds went for a mini stress reliever to celebrate dear Ryana’s birthday. We went to Sky Zone (Ryana’s idea), a trampoline park and was the oldest group of kids jumping around like there’s no care in the world… amongst other 3 – 9 year olds. We lost (like, really lost. 8 times) to a group of 9 year olds playing dodge ball and just had a lot of fun. It really is mentally healthy to just sometimes let go, and be a kid.

After jumping around for an hour, pretty much nonstop, we celebrated Ryana’s birthday with pizza and Honest Kids juice packs. ;) It was so much fun feeling like a child again. Of course, we didn’t end our celebration there. We didn’t have our parents to tell us it was time to go home, we went for a mini after-party for some adult beverage and dinner as well.  I’m pretty sure that if Sky Zone was more easily accessible, we would make this a regular trip but unfortunately, it isn’t.

How do you embrace your inner child? What are some things you like to do that reminds you of your childhood?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to embrace your inner child

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