So it’s a thing: Cold Allergies

Don’t laugh at me – as funny as it sounds, it turns out, you can actually be allergic to the cold weather. I’m sitting here still shaking my head and thinking how ridiculous it is.

I’ve always been sensitive to the cold weather but who would have thought that you could actually have an allergic reaction to it? Seems like this year, I’ve been more susceptible to allergies.

Well, the more scientific term for my allergies is ‘Cold Urticaria‘ and there are no known cause or treatment. I just know that my dad has something similar and I’ve always been sensitive to the cold as well – just didn’t really know because I grew up in a tropical country. Like many food allergies, the main way to prevent it is avoiding it.. in this case.. avoiding the cold; i.e. not going outside. Errrrr……

Last night, I came home from being outside for ONE hour and I started to get allergic reactions all over my body and my face. I took Benadryl and passed out for 12 hours. So seems like that’s what the rest of my winter is going to look like! More the reason to move back to a tropical country.

See how I said I hate the cold in my previous post? Well, I hate it even more.

Anyone have similar reactions to the cold?

Please say hi!

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