My Top Boston Choices Lately

Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying lately as told by my Instagram. I’m indulging on lots of awesome moments with amazing people.

1) My new favorite band: The Chicken Slacks. This is literally my favorite thing to do every Thursday now.  We go on a pub crawl in Central Square and end the night with awesome music and lots of dancing at the Cantab Lounge. I’ve always wanted to check out The Chicken Slacks but was only able to recently. This funk band will have ANYONE dancing all night long. Check their music out here.

blog 6

2) This hidden gem in South Boston: KO Catering & Pies. Every time I talk about anything relating to Australia on the subway, there always happens to be an Australian sitting near by – no joke. It has happened to me twice now. My sister and I were talking about Tim Tams and the difference between Vegemite/Promite/Marmite on the subway and this lady next to us started describing the differences to us. She then told us where we could buy Tim Tams and all of the ‘mite’s. This little store located by Broadway station has amazing pies. Had ran out of Tim Tams when we were there but I satisfied my craving with lamingtons instead.

blog 7

3) The view of the city: Lights. I absolutely love lights but it has to be classy – not tacky. I don’t like a lot of Christmas lights but look at how gorgeous Faneuil Hall looks from the above. Boston has done a good job in decorating the city with lots of lights. I was fortunate enough to be up in the State Room for our company holiday party and was treated to this view.


4) The weekend nights in: Sunday night with Music, Wine & Candle lights. I love my relaxing weekends. I love nights where I can stay in, cook, listen to music, drink red wine and either read or study. I would love to spend more of my weekends like this – especially with the weather being so cold outside. Busy weekends just end up tiring me out even more. This particular wine is a Malbec from Argentina: Alamos 2011. It’s not my favorite but has been my go-to when I’m at liquor stores and can’t find anything else.

blog 2

5) End of the Year in full gear: Lots of holiday parties and reflecting on my 2012. There have been a lot of holiday parties. This particular one was hosted by Eventbrite to support Cradles to Crayons. We brought donation items, had lovely drinks and played a lot of board games just being silly and having a great time. Holiday parties are always fun to just relax and hang out with awesome people in awesome spirits. I’ve also have had a lot of time reflecting on my year. We had to write one word that described our 2012. My word was ‘decisions.’ I’ve had to make a lot of decisions (life-changing decisions) during 2012, which has definitely shaped my 2013. If I could write another word, I would also write ‘first.’ I’ve also had a lot of ‘firsts’ this year. First time not in school, first job, first hostel experience, first couchsurfing experience, first trip to Canada… lots of firsts! I am also slightly obsessed with this lady lately ;) She brightens my life.

blog 3

6) The best part about holidays: Holiday treats. Yes, I’m stuffing myself with holiday cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, candy  – just lots of holiday treats. How adorable is the TripAdvisor Ollie cookie?? Also, this time of the year, my favorite thing to do is to raid the Lindt store. I love their chocolate and it’s just a nice, classy gift to give to coworkers, neighbors, people on the street, etc. I bought a bag of Lindt chocolate the other  day and it’s almost all gone. OOPS.

blog 4

7) Best thing to happen with brunch: Mimosas and Bloody Marys. I wish more cultures and countries drank yummy alcoholic beverages while eating breakfast – it just makes it so much more fun. I, unfortunately, do not get to very often as having a drink or two during brunch usually ends up with me taking an hour or two nap afterwards. But occasional lazy weekends are acceptable! This brunch is at Scollay Square with make your own Bloody Marys!

blog 5

What are some things on your list that are keeping you happy and loving life lately?


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