Embracing all emotions, including the negative ones.


As humans, we experience a variety of emotions. Somedays we are happy, somedays we are sad. Sometimes we feel two or more emotions at the same time. Society tells us that negative emotions are bad and that they destroy us. Eventually, we learn to avoid those emotions. We suppress them, hide them, ignore them and run away from them as far and fast as possible. I remember thinking that it’s not normal to be sad and that being stressed out all the time meant that there was something wrong with you and you should go see a doctor. Then, you are diagnosed with depression and people start pressuring you to be happy again.

One sunny day, I was feeling super lonely and I hated it. I tried to ignore it and keep myself busy by meeting up with friends, going out and trying to have fun. But that feeling never went away and it came back every moment it could when I was left alone. Then, I decided to let myself be lonely. I accepted the fact that running away from it and hiding it wouldn’t make it go away – so I decided to embrace it. I stayed by myself, reading, walking around, people watching and just being lonely – eventually I realized that this ‘lonely’ feeling came because I didn’t know how to be alone. Then I realized how beautiful that feeling actually is -this is the feeling you get when you are  by yourself and how much that feeling differs from when you are constantly surrounded by others. You start listening to your inner needs and learn to be comfortable with the emotion. And now, I have no problem with spending time alone. Sometimes, I need to be alone.

The fact that we feel all these emotions, positive or negative, is a beautiful thing we are granted as humans. The infinite types of emotions simply means that we are alive and that we are capable of feeling them. And embracing them instead of suppressing them is the strongest thing a human can do. Today, I feel nostalgic and melancholy for no reason and instead of finding ways to avoid it, I have allowed myself to feel this way actually makes me content and happy.

It’s natural to have negative emotions – it’s unnatural to be always happy. And in order for you to be happy, you need to learn that sometimes, it’s ok not to be. There are reasons behind every emotions and our goal is to be happier by embracing them, not eliminate them.


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