Welcome to SummerInSEA.com. It’s always summer in Southeast Asia.

Verb [in-duhlj]
1. Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of
2. Become involved in

The word ‘indulge’ describes my blog pretty well. As a travel blog, I indulge on everything – food, life, culture, history, music, art, whatever you name it. I’m all about learning and experiencing new things and fully appreciating the differences.

I originally started this blog to capture my trip back home, Southeast Asia, for the first time in two years. If you read my story, you’d know that I grew up in Southeast Asia, especially Cambodia, for a very long time. I traveled in and around the region multiple times a year but as I grew up there at a young age, I kind of took things for granted. Of course, I didn’t realize this until the moment I had to leave the country for university. With work, internships and school, I didn’t get to go back to Cambodia for 2 years. Going back, I was nervous and excited – it felt like I was going to a place familiar yet so different. I had changed, the country had changed and I no longer was going back to the comfort of ‘home’ as all my friends and the people I knew were no longer there. It was an eye-opening three months – where because I was so much more aware and also knew the culture/history/how things were, started to witness the impact travel can have on travelers AND on the countries they visit.

Today, I carry on indulging on travel and life. Because I realized how much I had taken for granted my time in Southeast Asia, I decided to treat every single day of my life as a traveling experience. I decided to look more, hear more, try more things and experience more. I try to venture out of my comfort zone as much as I can so that I learn new things and share with you the stories.

My special posts include:

Friday Fantasy: This is all about five places and things that I’ve fantasized about during the week. I share things I want to do around the world to hopefully help you plan your travels if you do have those destinations in mind and/or inspire you to get out there more often. The posts definitely inspire me to get out and travel more!
Challenge Yourself: These posts focus on challenges I try to make myself do to get out of my comfort zone. It could be a simple thing as trying a new cuisine to going to a movie on my own (definitely not easy for me but I’m learning to appreciate doing things on my own). Feel free to let me know if you have any challenge ideas!
Quick Preview of My Weekend: This is very personal and local – in the sense that I use these posts to share with you what I’m up to this weekend so that you could possibly use to plan yours! I try to share events that you can attend or weekend ideas usually in Boston but when I’m traveling to a different city, I share those plans too just in case you need it in the future! :)
On nom nom: These are restaurant/bars and food reviews!
Book & Movie Reviews: The title is self-explanatory – I try to read lots of books and watch lots of movies as part of my travels!

As always, thanks for reading and happy traveling!

– NaEun


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