My Story

I’ve been an expat since 1997.

I was born and raised in South Korea until my parents decided to move to Cambodia. That is where my travels began. Living in Cambodia, I was fortunate to travel to many places in and around Asia, including a year in Singapore. After graduating high school in Phnom Penh, I decided to take my next challenge, carrying on my education in Boston. 5 years later, I’m on the road, taking on my next challenge; traveling the world and sharing it with others through

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On a lighter note, I’m a morning person, I love brunch, I eat almost anything & everything, I drink my coffee black & fair trade, I sip my whiskey straight-up, wine tasting is an addiction, I love to dance, I go to networking events & conferences just for fun and I can go on rants about responsible travel & corporate social responsibility for hours (only if you want me to). Oh – and I love meeting new people & hearing from you guys.


5 thoughts on “My Story

      • I haven’t been anywhere in a few months – I’m going stir crazy! It took me a while to really get moving, now I can’t stop. There’s something to be said about growing up all over though, I’m sure you have some amazing stories. I’m trying to make up for it all now!

        Thanks for the compliment! I enjoy yours as well. :)

  1. I think I just met a real true friend:) NaEun! Your story made me appreciate life even more. Thank you sooo much! Your story just enlightened me:) This story reminds me of my family. They escaped the khmer rouge to come here. If the war didn’t happen I would be in cambodia right now lol. Your story is similar to mine.

    • Thanks so much for the comment. It’s really easy to take everything that has happened for granted but all we have to do is look back and be thankful for where life events has taken us. :)

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