Friday Fantasy

Did anyone notice? Maybe some of you noticed… hope SOMEONE noticed.. that I have not posted a Friday Fantasy post in a while. Oopsies… well, it was kind of intentional. Having it weekly was just too much. Too many places to fantasize every week. But I think it’s about time I bring it back. Especially after seeing TripAdvisor’s recent list: Traveler’s Choice Wine Destinations. You know how much I LOVE wine. Unfortunately I have not been to any wine destinations in the world but that could be changed, right? So here are my top 5 lists of wine destinations I want to visit.

1) Tuscany Italy. I had to add this to the top of the list because well, it must have been picked the best for some reason right? Looking at the photos though, I definitely understand why it was picked as #1.  It’s said to be hard to find a bad bottle of wine in Tuscany. To be honest, I’ve never tried Italian wine but I think I should! Any recommendations? I know what I’ll be doing when I’m in Italy! Countryside wine tours – here I come. The no.1 winery in Castellina In Chianti, Tuscany, Italy is: Azienda Agricola Casanova

Photos of Azienda Agricola Casanova, Castellina In ChiantiThis photo of Azienda Agricola Casanova is courtesy of TripAdvisor

2) Hunter Valley is the oldest wine region in Australia. I’ve been telling people that I want to go to Australia to work in a winery so this is kind of perfect. Maybe I will go to Hunter Valley and work in a winery some day. Apparently there are over 140 wineries with Semillon and Shiraz. The no.1 winery in Pokolbin, Cessnock, NSW, Australia is: Scarborough Wine Company.

Photos of Brokenwood Wines, PokolbinThis photo of Brokenwood Wines is courtesy of TripAdvisor

3) Province of Mendoza, Argentina. Argentinian wine’s one of my favorites. Anyone who loves a good Malbec apparently go to Mendoza. I do love a good Malbec. There are apparently more than 1,200 vineyards. “And if you’re into adventure travel as well as tasting excellent wine, look no further—Mendoza offers ample opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing and rafting. ” Why am I not there right now? The no.1 winery in Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina is: Bodega Ruca Malen.

Photos of Bodega Ruca Malen, Lujan de CuyoThis photo of Bodega Ruca Malen is courtesy of TripAdvisor

4) Costa de la Luz, Spain. How can we possibly leave Spain out from the list? We all know I love a good bottle of Spanish wine w/ tapas and awesome conversations. :) This destination is apparently perfect for sherry and art lovers. “There, you can sample excellent VOS and VORS sherries and view works by Goya and Velazquez from the owner’s personal art collection.” Sounds like the perfect destination for me. The no.1 winery in Jerez De La Frontera, Spain is: Tabanco Plateros.

Photos of Tabanco Plateros, Jerez De La FronteraThis photo of Tabanco Plateros is courtesy of TripAdvisor

5) Long Island, New YorkThis is on the list because, well, it’s unexpected. I thought Long Island was only known for its.. you know.. iced tea. Apparently most vineyards are small and bottle their vintages in very limited runs, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find them in local stores or restaurants. It’s the perfect destination for wine lovers who want something different.  “Local Syrah and Merlot are reliably good, but try some sparkling Pinot Blanc and excellent rosé, too.” Since this is so close, maybe it’ll be my first destination from the list. The no.1 winery in Peconic, NY is: Sannino Bella Vita Vineyard.

Photos of Sannino Bella Vita Vineyard, PeconicThis photo of Sannino Bella Vita Vineyard is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Click for a list of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2012 Best Wine Destinations World, U.S., Europe & South Pacific.

Have you been to any of the wine destinations that are on the list? Any that are not on the list you’d recommend?


Friday Fantasy

Travel, travel, travel, travel, photography, photography, photography, photography – my mind is going crazzyyy. I can’t wait to travel and take lots and lots of photos. When I look at other travelers and their gorgeous photos, I completely get lost in time and spend hours and hours looking at them. Check out these five posts that had me itching to get out there this week.

1) Berlin Holi Festival of Colours. Once again, Berlin, my number one destination on the list at the moment + lots of colors and a ton of fun getting completely dirty and covered in powder… these are awesome photos. Check out‘s post Berlin Holi Festival of Colours for more photos!

2) Welcome to Sarajevo. The best thing about putting together Friday Fantasy posts is that while I do it to let you know of cool things and places around the world, I too get to find some awesome places that I’d never thought about. I have heard of Sarajevo but never really stopped to think about what it would be like. These awesome photos from makes me want to go though!

3) Slovenia. This isn’t a blog post but I have to share these photos with you because they are absolutely amazing. These are photos by my Slovenian friend Matej who lives there. One of the main things that convinced me to add Slovenia to my Euro Trip plan – you can’t not visit the place after you see these photos. Check more of his photos out here.

4) Photos from all over the world by my friend Phil. All of Phil’s photos are amazing – especially photos of when he visited rural areas of Cambodia. Check them out on his website at

5) Budapest at Night. See what I’m saying? Would I have ever put Budapest on my bucketlist had I not seen these amazing photos? Probably not. Now that I’ve seen them, I want to grab my camera and go right now! Check out more photos at

Thanks to all the wonderful photographers and bloggers for sharing these beautiful images with the world! The more and more I work on these posts, I realize how much there is to see in this world that I don’t even know of or think about. I love how my list is getting longer – need to keep saving up!!

Which photos catch your attention the most? Anywhere on this list you’d like to add to your bucketlist??

Friday Fantasy

Happy Friday and I apologize for the extremely late post. I’ve been sick/working from home – which is just all an excuse. Hehe But I’m here now and so are my top 5 fantasies of the week. This is a real fantasy since I’m planning my Euro Trip, I can’t seem to get Europe out of my head! I found a series of videos by filmed last year as the duo travel 30 countries, sponsored by Interrail. Of course I love all 30 videos and want to go to all those places (maybe I will) but as always, here are my top 5. Yayyy! :)

1) Berlin, Germany: If and when I fly to Europe, Berlin’s the first place I’m going to. Several reasons – one, my best friend is German and I’ve grown up very close to her family. I also have many friends from Germany. But, I’ve never been there so I feel like I should. Two, I’m a history freak and I really need to go see the remains of the Berlin Wall. So yes, Germany is number one on my list.

2) Thessaloniki, Greece: By now you should know how much I’m obsessed with Greece. When I picture Greece, all white with dots of bold colors here and there. When I told one of the travelers that, he said that was exactly what Greece was like – maybe he’s just messing with me, I don’t know but right now, my Euro Trip is planned up until Greece.

3) Bled, Slovenia: Slovenia has recently come under my radar and now, it’s the country I’m actually most excited about. The blend of complete nature + humanity totally fascinates me and the photos I’ve been looking at are literally, mesmerizing. I have a photo of Slovenia saved as my phone background and I REALLY want to go right now. Haha

4) Venice, Italy: To be completely honest, Italy has never been a place I’ve felt like I need to go to but after seeing this video, I can’t wait to walk around the streets of Venice eating gelato and pizza :P

5) Barcelona, Spain: If I had to pick a place to live temporarily, it’s Spain. However, I never think of anywhere else but Madrid when I think of Spain. So this video gave me a clear look of what Barcelona is like.

Which of these 5 have you been to? Which would you like to go to? Have some tips you wanna share? Feel free to contact me and send me any resources you have to plan my Euro Trip. Expect more Friday Fantasies to be about Europe since It’s all I can think to lately.

Happy Friday and have an awesome weekend! :)